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Precious Heart is a tiny west Texas town that is the home of Fleeta Mae Bryte, a lively 69 year old spinster. Fleeta will invite you into her home for coffee, doughnuts and conversation as she regales you with stories of her family, her friends, her enemies and the man who got away.  An enjoyable, funny, touching family-friendly evening of entertainment, Precious Heart is a one woman comedy performed by Greg Smith and is about two hours long with coffee/tea and deserts served during  intermission.

“Precious Heart is filled with one laugh after another. I laughed so hard at times I could not catch my breath. It makes for a fun-filled evening of theatre.”      —Michael Schacherbauer

“A hilarious, sometimes wacky, heartfelt ride. Greg Smith’s rendition of Fleeta make makes you realize why everything is bigger (and funnier) in the Lone Star State.”   —Joey Tarin, El Paso TX

“From the moment the lights came up, the wonderful interplay between Fleeta Mae and the audience was palpable. Mr. Smith played the audience like he was a concert violinist playing a Stradivarius, with the audience in tune every second. Rarely has one participated in such an “electric” connection between artist and audience. Without a doubt, an extremely well-directed, outstanding acting performance – one that could stand as a master class in acting technique. Bravo!!”                                                                              —Art Nemitz, OCTA Adjudicator 2012

“Happy, sad and brilliant! A MUST SEE!!!”     — Jim Harworth, Actor’s Theatre

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