Corbin Theatre Company Mission Statement

The Corbin Theatre Company in historic Liberty is committed to providing high-quality theatrical entertainment, encouraging and facilitating community participation in every phase of live theatre, offering high-quality musical entertainment through shows from various music genres, and sponsoring and promoting educational opportunities that create greater knowledge of the performing arts.


Fundamental Values

The Corbin Theatre Company’s efforts to meet the challenge of its mission statement are based upon a set of fundamental values, which form the basis for the creation of policy and management, as follows:

  • Fiscal responsibility
  • Producing high quality theatrical productions and theatrical experiences for the community
  • The role of the performing arts in enhancing the quality of life
  • Cultural diversity as reflected in the performing arts
  • Community access to the resources of the theatre
  • The basic importance of a lively arts community as an economic stimulator for the community

In order to succeed with its mission, the Corbin Theatre Company will rely on the energy and talent of its volunteers and the support and participation of its patrons.