The One Hundred and One Club

Performers and patrons alike hail the Corbin Theatre space and stage for its ambiance and intimacy. It costs $101 a day to keep the theatre open and the stage ready for performances. These expenses include rent, utilities (including sound and lights), insurance, administrative assistance, and maintenance. Unless we meet these expenses there will be no stage, in fact, no theatre!

Members of the One Hundred One Club are people that have stepped forward and contributed $101 for each Theatre day they have sponsored. The officers and board members are grateful that there are so many writing their checks for as many days as they can fit in their budgets. Also members of the $101 club say,”THIS IS A GREAT GIFT” for birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries.

You too, can become a member and have YOUR DAYS on the calendar WITH YOUR NAME on it for all to see. In addition, members will be invited to two special receptions each year. All you have to do is send your check for $101for each day you wish to sponsor to post office box 202 Liberty, Missouri 64069. Remember, all gifts to Corbin are tax deductible


Corbin is a 501 (c)(3) corp.
Donations are tax deductible